Grace C Wu | Post Doctoral Fellow at UC Davis
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Land use change and conservation science

Low-impact renewable energy siting

Recent blog posts
  • R leaflet map of hydropower plants in the Brazilian Amazon

    Below is an interactive map showing all existing and planned, proposed, inventoried (henceforth, planned) hydropower plants in the Brazilian Amazon. Existing plants were matched to a planned plant using three methods (Mahalanobis, DAPSm, and optimal propensity score) for conducting causal inference analysis related to land......

  • ‘No-regrets’ renewable alternatives to coal power in Mozambique

    What is the value of multi-criteria resource mapping of wind and solar? I tackle this question using a timely mini case study of energy development in the Tete province of Mozambique. The Tete province is an important region of energy development not just for Mozambique, but......