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* contributed equally

(15) Borrelle, SB, JB Koch, C McDonough MacKenzie, KE Ingeman, BM McGill, MR Lambert, AM Belasen, J Dudney, CH Chang, AK Teffer, G.C. Wu. 2020. What does it mean to be for a place? Pacific Conservation Biology. doi: 10.1071/PC20015 [Other than first two authors, all subsequent authors ordered by random number generator]

(14) Wu, G.C., Leslie, E., Allen, D., Sawyerr, O., Cameron, D.R., Brand, E., Cohen, B., Ochoa, M., Olson,. 2020. Low-impact land use pathways to deep decarbonization of electricity. Environmental Research Letters. 15 074044. doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/ab87d1

(13) Deshmukh, R.*, G.C. Wu*, D.S. Callaway, A. Phadke. 2019. Geospatial and techno-economic analysis of wind and solar resources in India. Renewable Energy.

(12) Deshmukh, R., A. Mileva, G.C. Wu. 2018. Renewable energy alternatives to mega hydropower: a case study of Inga 3 for Southern Africa. Environmental Research Letters. 13 064020. doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/aabf60 [open access full pdf]

(11) Wu, G.C.* , R. Deshmukh*, K. Ndhlukula, T. Radojicic, J. Reilly-Moman, A. Phadke, D. Kammen, D.S. Callaway. 2017. Strategic siting and grid interconnection key to Africa’s low-carbon electricity future. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1611845114 *authors contributed equally [open access full pdf]

(10) Nadeau, NJ, C. Pardo-Diaz, A. Whibley, M. Supple, S.V. Saenko, R. Wallbank, G.C. Wu, L.S. Maroja, L. Ferguson, J.J. Hanly, C. H. Hines, C. Salazar, R.M. Merrill, A. Dowling, R. ffrench-Cens, M. Joron, O. McMillan, C.D. Jiggins. 2016. The gene Cortex controls mimicry and and crypsis in butterflies and moths. Nature. 534,106–110. 10.1038/nonstant, V. Llaurature17961 [download pdf]

(9) Hallfors, MH. J Liao, J. Dzurisin, R. Grundel, M Hyvarinen, K. Towle, G.C. Wu, JJ. Hellmann. 2015. Addressing potential local adaptation in species distribution models: implications for conservation under climate change. Ecological Applications. 10.1890/15-0926.1 [download pdf]

(8) R. Hernandez, M. Hoffacker, M.L. Murphy-Mariscal, G.C. Wu, M. Allen. 2015. Solar energy development impacts on land cover change and protected areas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 10.1073/pnas.1517656112 [open access full pdf]

(7) Wu, G.C., J.C. Wright. 2015. Exceptional thermal tolerance and water resistance in the diminutive mite Paratarsotomus macropalpis (Erythracaridae) challenges explanations of physiological mechanisms. Journal of Insect Physiology. 82:1–7. [download pdf]

(6) Wu, G.C., M.S. Torn, J. Williams. 2015. Incorporating Land-Use Requirements and Environmental Constraints in Low-Carbon Electricity Planning for California. Environmental Science and Technology. 10.1021/es502979v [download pdf and SI]

(5) O’Neil, S.T., J.D.K. Dzurisin, S.J. Emrich, N.F. Lobo, J.M. Deines, J.K. Higgins, C.M Williams, R.D. Carmichael, E. Zeng, G.C. Wu, J.J Hellmann. 2014. Gene expression in closely related species mirrors local adaptation: consequences for responses to a warming world. Molecular Ecology. 23 (11): 2686-2698. [download pdf]

(4) Wu, G.C., M. Joron, C.D. Jiggins. 2010. Signatures of selection in loci governing major colour patterns in polymorphic Heliconius butterflies and related species. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 10:368. [open access full pdf]

(3) Wu G.C., J.C. Wright, D.L. Whitaker & A.N. Ahn. 2010 Kinematic evidence for superfast locomotory muscle in two species of teneriffiid mites. Journal of Experimental Biology. 213: 2551-2556. [download pdf]

(2) Salazar, C., S.W. Baxter, C. Pardo-Diaz, G.C. Wu, A. Surridge, M. Linares, E. Bermingham and C.D. Jiggins. Genetic Evidence for Hybrid Trait Speciation in Heliconius Butterflies. PLoS Genetics 2010 April; 6(4): e1000930. [open access full pdf]

(1) Schuh, R.T. and G.C. Wu. 2009. Revision of Eminoculus Schuh (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae) from South Africa, with the description of five new species. Entomologica Americana. 115(1):36-66. [download pdf]


In review or prep:

(1) G.C. Wu, V. Butsic, J. Chambers, M.S. Torn. Deforestation and land use impacts of large-scale hydropower in the Brazilian Amazon. In prep.


(7) Deshmukh, R.,  A. Mileva, G.C. Wu. Sept 2017. Energy Alternatives to the Inga III in the Democratic Republic of Congo. International Rivers.

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(3) Wu, G.C., N. Schlag, E. Brand, R. Cameron, L. Crane, JH Williams, S. Price. February 2015. Integrating Land Conservation and Renewable Energy Goals in California: A Study of Costs and Impacts Using the Optimal Renewable Energy Build-Out (ORB) Model. Technical Report. 34 pages plus appendices. The Nature Conservancy and Environmental and Energy Economics.

(2) Minjares, R., V. Wagner, S. Chambliss, A. Baral, G.C. Wu, S. Galarza, F. Posada, B. Sharpe, K. Blumberg, F. Kamakate, A. Lloyd. April 2014. Reducing Black Carbon Emissions from Diesel Vehicles: Impacts, Control Strategies, and Cost-Benefit Analysis. The World Bank.

(1) Williams, C., A. Hasanbeiji, G.C. Wu, L. Price. 2012. International Experience with Quantifying the Co-Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Programs and Policies. China Energy Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.



G.C. Wu, M.L. Murphy-Mariscal, R. Hernandez.  Can we expand solar power dramatically without damaging protected lands? The Conversation. October 20, 2015 3.20pm EDT.  Environ. Res. Lett. 15 074044